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Minutes of the Standard Data Format Workshop, Oct 27 - 29, 2010

Instrument Definitions

Some first conclusions

Coordinate system:

  • Make use of standard unified coordinate system mandatory, maybe from ImageCIF (
  • It is allowed and defined where beamline scientists can save their "natural coordinates", too, in this case the required/used transformation into the unified coordinate system must be given in a standardized way
  • this transformation can be anywhere in the tree. The closest transformation group defines the transformation for a specific devices (first look in the device itself, then in subgroup, last in root of file)

Complete beamline description vs. methods:

  • Devices should be defined independent of the methods they can be used for
  • The complete beamline description should be saved in a separate, complex tree
  • Each method has a rather flat tree parallel to the beamline description tree. All elements in the method tree are linking to the beamline description tree. They use plain names which can be understood by most users
  • some non-method specific areas, e.g. sample, user should be defined for all methods by a separate, beamline description group

To Do

  • Estimate: How long will it take to get complete beamline description
  • Form "complete beamline description" group with the following tasks (Rainer Gehrke, Felix, Mark, Francesco, Patrik, Pete)
    • agree upon coordinate system
    • agree about what has to be in the complete beamline description (complete = "nothing is missing which someone might need")
    • agree about a structure of the corresponding tree, e.g. Rainers proposal, e.g. NeXus, e.g. something else
    • agree upon generic structure + description of devices, sample, user, optical elements, ...
  • Estimate: How long will it take to get first implementation of SDF with or without using NeXus.
  • Multiply this time with Pi.
  • How does this compare to the time estimated in the HDRI-proposal until the implementation should be finished?

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